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DAY 133 - Thursday 10th September - Soltau to Hanover to

... Horstel 'Beep Beep Beep - Clonk!'

Well that sleep was obviously needed as not only did we not wake up until after 8.00am but after a quick walk with Ellie we got back into bed and didn't stir again til gone 10am. The rain was coming down slightly and with a chill in the night i just wanted to wrap up warm in the duvet for a little while longer until i really needed to get up. We are situated closer to the forest area, in the middle of the huge tree covered car park, and so hardly any traffic noise to be heard. With it being so quiet around here i did wonder if i should stay for one more day as my body obviously needs a day of relaxation it seems...nah, i can do that when i come back home!!! So soldiering on we have breakfast and another walk before the off and we stumble across a lake...but too cold Ellie to jump into, and its not as clean like the ones you have become accustomed too! Also Ellie has been suffering with a cold as her nose has been running too these last few days, we're both feeling sorry for ourselves.

Eventually we do make our move and head over to Hannover of which i have no clue what so ever as to what to expect here. Well after that short drive through the city we continue on our way! There wasn't really anything to see here, there was an old town with a clock tower and that was about it. No tourists with cameras out, no tourists buses, hop and off sightseeing buses, no segways, not even a Tourist Information point that i could see signposted. Think i was slightly pleased as it meant that we could head onto the next place where we could just put our feet up once more and keep warm, but where was that to be?

Amsterdam, which was the next stop listed, was a good near 4 hour drive away and i didn't fancy going that far, and also with the late start its getting late. I thought with an early rise tomorrow we can make the journey into Amsterdam instead, but get half way there at least. When looking at the guide as to where to stay, when i was considering Amsterdam today, there was a place in Edam...of course Edam, cheese is in Holland and so we must eat cheese here! Like Parma with the Ham and...well you get the picture! Edam was North of Amsterdam so we'll do that first and then to a campsite with a 15 minute train ride to the centre of the city.

But first we need to find somewhere for tonight and looking at all of the places available on the road in which we'll be heading into the Netherlands we find one, one that is by the River (tick), has free electricity (tick) and is free to park up at (tick). Off we go and as we enter it this place is packed, so packed that a couple of motorhomes have had to park on the grass area at the far end which curves to the River pathway by the bridge. What i love about motorhome places is that as you enter them you can see people with their chairs and tables all out, food being eaten and with a drink in their hand, and a drink in which they raise to you as you pass! Very relaxed all around here!

I see that there are spaces for at least 3 motorhomes next to those parked up on the grass and i reverse myself on....beep, beep, beep goes my car as its in reverse. Beep, beep, beep...clonk!! Erm, what is that?!? I see motorhomers out on their deckchairs looking over on either side of me and they tell me to go forward, 'no s**t sherlock'!! Its nothing major, i just backed into someones 50m extension cable drum but no damage is done. But mind you it is really silly as to where they've left it, as they have that cable going to the electrical sockets and then another extension cable going to their motorhome. All in all about 100m of cabling being used...I can see why as with them being on the grass they needed to but a) why leave it in the middle of the grass where someone can park and b) why didn't they park where i was in order to use just one extension cable?!

What i fail to have, and one in which everyone else as, they have one person parking the motorhome and their partner guiding them on in from the outside. Ellie's not the best for that i've come to realise, that and not being able to get the ticket or put the paid one in at a car park barrier! At the end of all of this i decided not to even look to put in my power cable as i'm not sure mine would have the length to get there considering how long the one i've just clonked is....50m worth, each way there's is!

Heading on out we decide to go for a walk to let them gossip about the English girl who hit an extension cable drum, but mind you its Day 133 and i've not come close to hitting something...hopefully that'll keep going until Day 155!! We have a walk along the riverbanks and all the way to another bridge to come back again from the other side. Ellie is loving it as she's off the lead as there is no where in which she can go other than the pathway we are on. The sun is finally out and i'm feeling the warmth getting to my bones once more, hopefully getting rid of the snuffles. Back to the van and we see another 2 motorhomes come on by and park next to me, that's it, no more can fit on here now! And there you see it, there's one helping the other to guide it on in...!

Book reading on the go, dinner done and the night has come. Even though it's getting dark earlier at 8.30pm it feels like its ready for bed and....sleep. Got an early morning and long day ahead of us tomorrow.

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DAY 132 - Wednesday 9th September - Lubeck to Jork to

... Hamburg to Soltau 'Unusual Speed Limit Sign'

It's cold of a morning these days when waking up so instead of sleeping in I'm up before 7am which makes us on the move by 7.45am. If it's not the heat waking you up it's the cold and I think that's why I have the slight sniffles of a cold still. It's not man flu, i'm coping so don't worry!

Toilet time and I'm heading to the nearest service area and out of the car park I see a sign for Hamburg directing us left but TomTom is taking us right. Hmmm, I'll still follow TomTom. Turns out I went to the toilet in McDonald's as I wasn't getting to that service area any time fast as with the motorway entrance TomTom wanted to take me on was closed for roadworks. There wasn't a sign to follow that i could see afterwards for diversion and so I got stuck in a 30kmph zone with no exit to the main road it seemed than the one in which I entered. I had no time to figure out when I'd be able to have a toilet stop so the golden arches was my saving grace and came to my rescue. Also sneakily use their wifi while i'm at it!

I head back the way I came eventually and followed the sign I saw previously so all in all took me 20 minutes to get back on track! Off we go and at the service area I still stop for Ellie's morning requirements with breakfast to be served and my guide in hand to see where to go. I wasn't sure if I wanted to get to Hamburg today and so i was thinking of somewhere by the river to relax as I'm feeling very tired. Maybe something to do with the cold snuffles also.

Jork is decided upon as its free and has electricity that I can use situated right on the river. It's only 13km out of Hamburg and whilst driving there I went across one of the most industrialised areas I've ever seen just going along the outskirts of Hamburg. The river was packed with shipping containers on cargo ships to go to who knows where in which you wonder how it stays afloat. The place was heaving with HGV lorries and had a complicated road system to the 10 roads you could head off to from here. There was one building that had a slow descending black enclosed walkway bridge that went from one side of the road to the river banks overhead of us. Not sure if it was for goods to have a quicker transportation to the river than using a lorry.

Getting past that we came to a bridge that went up to let the ship's on through, never been in the middle of shipping yard (well bigger than a yard!) via a main road. Think that's where our estuary comes in handy in London as it is straight at the sea, doesn't come into the city. All this you could see shipments and massive long trains coming here with goods to distribute.

After the bridge I saw a sign for the speed limit of a lorry, as drawn, and under that a drawing was one of a tank with their speed limit....sorry a tank?!!? Had to do a double take with that one! Not seen any tanks around here and wouldn't wish too, last tank I saw was in New Orleans a month after Katrina stormed in and the tanks were there to keep the locals in check as they were fighting with each other.

We make it to Jork and as we park on up I see a sign with a ticket machine near to it. You had to pay, another sacking for the inspector on this guide! In the end I used the electricity for 50c, well cost me a Euro as the one I first used wasn't working. The second machine was so I did some blogging whilst taking Ellie for a quick walk by the River. I did though keep the van in view should an inspector come but after staying there for a couple of hours, as i couldn't stand the tension any longer (!), we did get into Hamburg.

At first it didn't look all that much but as soon as you hit the River or Lake of towns or cities in which they are based then that's the place to explore. We park up and do just that, explore, and they have some very posh shops to walk on by. In the main square a man came over to me and guided myself and Ellie, mainly for Ellie...well hopefully, the water fountain that we could use. Very nice of you but Ellie just had some water at a coffee shop that had a bowl outside. He didn't quite get what I was saying and he just continued to keep the fountain flowing until at least I tired to get Ellie to drink. She didn't fancy any but I thanked him anyway and after realising I was speaking English he asked how I was able to travel with my dog from London. I mentioned that she has a passport and he said they weren't allowed with theirs on these islands. Well that confused me as I'm pretty sure I'm not on an island and if your European, and the accent made it so, then you can get a passport too. With that he was gone, not sure why he came to us or how he left and to who...a strange meeting of strangers!

From Hamburg I found a free car park in Soltau and it is by the woodlands, situated in-between the swimming baths and outside athletics track and football pitches. We arrived at 5.30 pm, via Lidl, and I kid you not that I was asleep by 6pm. Not feeling the most energised at the moment and its so quiet around here. Stirred at 8pm to see if Ellie wanted a wee in the woods and after that bedding was down and I was off like a light again. Must need sleep me thinks! Also with 23 days left I think my body is winding down like it does after a long film shoot...getting it's rest early after constantly being on the go!

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DAY 131 - Tuesday 8th September - Lubeck

'Sneakily Does It'

All in all not a bad nights sleep, although it is duvet up to the chin time and making me wonder if i should have bought the thicker tog for this part of the trip! Its blog time with having the electricity here and having the woods nearby for Ellie to have a walk its not a bad spot to be in, and turns out as we ventured more deeply in that there is a River that runs down here. With no wifi working i pay the £3 Vodafone charge to pay for the use of my data allowance so i can start putting them on when i've finished them. Also the England game is on tonight so i can keep check on the scores too.

One issue that i had was that i had to be out of here by 1pm and i still hadn't seen the actual town of Lubeck first. There is though a car park on the river by the old town of Lubeck that I can park up at tonight but that's not free until 6pm. Can i do a sneaky and just hang around here til then, its covered this car park area from the bowling alley and doesn't seem like anyone is checking. As myself and Ellie go out a few times i take note of the motorhomes that i remember being here yesterday and with everyone only allowed to stay for one night, as stated on the info given, and with them not making a move upon check out time then i'll stay where i am for now!

Each time i come back from our walks i see that the huge RV next to me for a start hasn't moved and i can't miss that one to see who's still hanging around. A couple of times whilst i'm blogging there are a couple of motorhomes that come my way but then they have to turn around to park it in another spot. The reason they come my way is that a) i'm on the back row of the parking lot so further away from the road, better location and b) you can't see me for the diddyness of this vehicle in comparison to the others, therefore you aren't able to see the top of mine over the others so you think that there is a space. Its like when you think you've seen a parking space vertically, only for a Smart car to be right on the pathway edge...you can see all the other boots of the cars but not that one!

At 5pm i see that the car park to the bowling alley is already looking full, just didn't seem like a place when i went inside that would be high on peoples must come to list on a Monday or Tuesday night! Then as i look around the motorhome car park it is filling up now and with not many spaces left its time that i made a move soon as its not fair to take a space when someone else can use it. There are though 4 motorhomes, including the RV next to me, that were here the other day...not that it makes it right but i need to get these blogs up!! At 5.30pm its time to leave as i'm feeling very nervous now being where i am, as i'm the first people come to see that they can park up at. There was a guy speaking to another behind my van which parked up next to me earlier and now i'm thinking if anyone asks at the bowling alley for them to get involved then i feel really bad.

Off we go and at 5.45pm we park up at the motorhome car park in town of which there was only 1 space left, lucky there then! We stay in the van until 6pm when's its safe to do so without a ticket inspector arriving. We head on out and walk around Lubeck of which here the Holstentor is one of the two remaining city gates of the city, built in 1464, which now serves as a museum. Because of its two captivating round towers and arched entrance it is regarded as a symbol of Lubeck. Together with this and the old town its one of Germany's top tourist attractions.

Walking around, and the sun being out, warm but not enough to leave a coat off, there were people sat by the River having their coffees, wine and meals of an evening. Around the town this place was busy and lots of architectural buildings to look at. One thing i did google was Irish pubs as i may just wish to have a warm dinner tonight whilst watching the football instead of bread and cheese. Two Irish pubs are found of which one had a telly and the other not, but it didn't look too amazing in the one that did. Also with the cold and tiredness that i've got at the moment am i really sure that with an hour added for these neck of the woods that i'd be wishing to head down the pub for a 8.45pm kick off (7.45pm GMT) and wouldn't finish until after 10.30pm...that's a late night for me!

Decision made, i'll listen to it online on my phone through BBC radio and have a warm cooked pasta meal from the van. I'm just being lazy as cooking pasta means washing up afterwards!! With bread and cheese you just wipe down the knife and brush away the crumbs outside from the plate, job done! Radio is on and it has to be one of the most boring games so i'm glad i didn't wast my time watching it, instead on the radio i switched it on and off whilst chatting to mates...making sure i'm getting my £3 worth of a charge to use my contract allowance! By 10.30pm it was lights out, England won and so they did in the cricket.

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DAY 130 - Monday 7th September - Stralsund to Rugen Island

... (Konigssthul & Putbus) to Lubeck 'Its Baltic!'

Nothing much going on at the car park that i've stayed at, its quiet enough for the night although it had a cold chill in the air. There is though not a toilet to use so its an early off to see the town of Stralsund before we cross the bridge to Rugen Island. So 7.30am and we stop to have breakfast in town where we've parked and its free til 9am so we have a wander around of which i head to the square first as there has to be a toilet there. I see one and run on in with Ellie but suddenly as i enter one door, where the toilets were now to my right, a man appears ahead at another. I think he was saying no dogs so i left Ellie outside and this toilet i have to pay for, a whole 50c and i'm glad that i have change in my pocket.

The deed is done but what i found off putting was that as soon as i was out and washing my hands the man went straight into my cubicle and flushed it again with a wipe down. Don't think i messed it up that much and i'm glad i only did a number 1..feeling slightly awkward now so i'll just quietly head on out, could have at least waited until i left!

So back to the van and we head over the bridge to make our way across. Rugen is the largest and considered to be the most beautiful of the German Baltic islands, separated by only a causeway to the mainland town of Stralsund. It has everything from flat farmland and forest-covered hills to expansive sandy beaches, lagoons and peninsulas. I ventured into the Jasmund National Park, north of the island, which is facing constant erosion to the chalk cliff towers high above the Baltic Sea. Is that where the phrase comes from i'm just realising...that its Baltic, meaning its cold, after the sea?! Learning lots on the Europe tour! Ellie you are definitely not going for a swim in there as you are jumping away at me saying 'pleeeaasssseee', you'll catch your death of cold...and there's another phrase to add! At the area of Konigssthul, meaning Kings Chair, is where we headed on to in order to see the most majestic part of the cliffs with undisturbed forests behind the cliffs.

Through the cliffs we're driving and TomTom wants me to turn right onto Konigssthul but something doesn't seem right...its the sign and a barrier half way across the road in which i'm thinking it to mean that i can't access it. Its still a good near 2km from where I need to be according to TomTom so i'm guessing now that we need to park up somewhere and walk on down. Bit further on down we see a car park but its one in which you have to pay and so i go back to where we came just to triple check. Nope no cars seem to be going down it, only buses it seems. So we head on back and park up, ticket in hand and now realising that we are a good 3km away the buses that were heading down there you can catch one from here. Hurrah! Dogs have a price too so with 2 tickets we head onto the bus for the ride down, saves an hours walking at least!

The bus arrives to Konigssthul and yes, definitely no parking down the road or at the very end as its bus stops only and a couple of cars for people working at the Visitors Centre here. In there you could go around, part of the WWF but a steep 18 euros to do so...but there is a free walkway path to the beach so free it is!! Just as i ventured on down, following the signs, i see a man only a few steps away from the top stopping to catch his breath...just how steep is it to get to the beach?!? We head on down and you know when you do, and half way down (well think you are) you do wonder how you are going to get back up. There were loads of wooden steps on this pathway in which they've built and thought that i'd forget about that for now and just get on the beach.

Onto the beach and there were people here doing some sketches, dogs running around, a people stopping for a picnic. Think these people have decided to spend more time down here, or knew of the steps beforehand, before they had to venture on back up again! There were cliffs exposed to see but not the big main one from the pictures shown when researching this. Trouble was that to get to the other side of the cliffs the tide was in and the pathway was nearly non existent as the waves for trickling to the cliffs. One couple tried but came on back, knowing my luck i'd be stranded on the other side!...and thinking that i'll leave that to my imagination and still not paying 18 euros to see it as there was a platform built up there to take that photo opportunity. They aren't daft the tourists offices!

So up we trekked, back up the wooden stairs of the pathway to the top and actually it wasn't too bad. Couple of stops to take photos of Ellie and an aerial view but think i still have some form of fitness left in me! Which reminds me...need to check out which is the best triathlon to do, my new thing for next year! Running was starting to hurt my knees so anything beyond a half marathon i'd have to be really careful of, so triathlon with swimming and cycling with less running seems obviously choice. Also i really enjoyed swimming, forgotten how much i loved it, and not cycled in ages apart from in the gym...got to be better than that surely!

To the bus stop and back to the car park where i had the same driver both ways and he had a look of a knob about him. On the way there, as i'm standing with Ellie so feel the drive more (so not taking up spaces for others to sit down), we were swaying around as he had his foot down. Think as he's done this a 1000 times that he knows how much he can push it...but that differs when another bus comes your way and he has to slam on the brakes. On the way back he was much the same but when we returned to the car park he wanted to park where the exact bus stop sign was. But unfortunately there was a car which meant he couldn't pull in...well he could if he moved himself round but he decided to bang on his horn to make a point.

Trouble was that we were right there on the end of the bus stop, not at the sign, but in the bus stop. He could have opened the door but no, we still were in our same positions as he beeped his horn once more, and again and again and again. Obviously the driver isn't in the car and there wasn't a person coming over to move it. The only person who did come on over was one of the passengers waiting to get on to say that no one knows who's car it was. Eventually he opened the doors and we were free!! Then instead of moving the bus around the car to the passengers waiting at the stop to get on in he stayed where he was for them to come to him...erm, shouldn't that be the other way around?!

Through the forests again we drove and went past some cute looking villages looking over the sea, then past a lake and then stopped off at an old resort town of Putbus to see the parks there. It really was a mixture of everything here to see! Over the bridge we go and move onto Lubeck which is a few hours away from here and i decided upon a car park that has toilets, showers, water, electricity and wifi so what more do i need?! As i pull on up i need to check in at the place here of which the car park is attached to, turns out its a bowling alley and a mini golf place!! Was tempted to have a bowl but that's quite sad to be doing that by yourself, playing yourself isn't the joy of bowling, its laughing at others with their bowling wiggles as they run down to release the ball, for when it goes down the gutter, getting a spilt and cheer for when a strike has been hit! The place was painted with Star War characters that lit up...love a bowling alley! Checking in was okay but for one thing...wifi didn't work!! Later on in the evening the car park area for the place, separate to ours by a bush, was packed. Guessing they love a bowl here!

What we parked up next to made me laugh also as we were the little and large show as this thing was one of those USA RVs, absolutely massive it was! Shaded our van from the sun with us tucked away next to it! What was great is there there was a park around the corner so we headed there for a walk and then made it into an early night, still catching up on sleep and with this cold still lingering. Thought in September it would still be warm at least, but mind you i have just come from the Baltic Sea! Although thinking about it it was warm there with the sun out as i remember wearing a coat down and sweating as i got to the top of the steps ... but it was so windy making it cold at the same time. The cold is kicking in...think my body temperature just doesn't know what's going on!!

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DAY 129 - Sunday 6th September - Berlin to Stralsund

'The Knockout Fall - Round 2 (Van wins)'

So same routine as yesterday morning with Mum up first and then Dad before heading to breakfast. Me up, shower, and wait for the Croissants and Nutella to find its way up before they need to pack ready to fly on home today. I managed to persuade Dad that i would take them to the airport and to make my Mum happy for me going out of my way they gave me what they would have spent on the taxi...although i'm pretty sure what they gave me was way too much and i could run the van for a few days on it!

There's a slight delay on departing the room so i take some of my things down to the van and drive it over to park outside the hotel ready to load it. The delay was the suitcase as Dad has this weighing thing to make sure that EasyJet get no more money out of him so it has to be 20kg or less! Personally i don't blame him as i still think its ridiculous the amount that they charge and I still laugh of the story of the man who's bag was overweight so he put on 3 sets of clothing on him from out of the suitcase so that they would put it in the hold. Genius, they couldn't do anything! So we are at 19.9kg so doing very well but then mum has hairspray in her hand luggage which is a no no! So hairspray in and something else, 2 items i believe, were taken out and put into hand luggage. Now we are over the 20kg and i'm with mum...how can that possibly be?!? Its a can of hairspray, and taken things out to balance it, even more so you'd have thought in their favour!!

Apparently according to the weighing thing we are doomed so into the suitcase again to take something out...well we already know not the hairspray! I think i blame it mostly on the chocolates that were bought the other day from that famous family shop for the grandchildren back at home, i could have offered to taken them off their hands but taking sweets from kids just ain't right. Suitcase done and Dad has a look around to check nothing has been left. As he does he mentions the large chocolate bag that's ready for the rubbish and he asks if no one wants to keep this. I said no and that Mum actually preferred the smaller one. 'Shouldn't have bought so much then', he states. Quick on the mark that one! One present though landed on my bed before we left...a whole bag of chocolates that Mum bought over which will last me well over a week, best present ever!

Down the lift and Dad goes to check out as we load the van up of their suitcases. As we do Dad comes on out and checks if he's left his glasses here somewhere but after a quick check from Mum, for the right pair, its a no. But they are not in reception or the room either as Dad checked. Mum checked the cases once more and pulled out two pairs that she saw before but knew they were not the ones. Then she brings out his sunglasses, nope not those one. Dad i think we need to question what could be sending over the weight of the bag with the amount of glasses you have in here! Finally at the bottom of the bag she saw them, the right pair, and from sitting on the back sofa she went out of the door...but not in a normal fashion.

I'm in the drivers seat and turned to see Mum leave the van, bypassing the bags in her way, but instead of seeing her go out in a forward manner to her feet, pass the window and into reception, i see her fall flat and couldn't see where she was now!! I run round and mum is flat on the floor slowly getting to her feet and in shock of what's just happened. She couldn't decide whether to put her foot on the step to help herself down or just go straight for the pavement but it is a bit of a gap between the two so in two minds she went flat out. Shoes she said didn't help in which she was wearing and landed on her right side, right onto her hip, arm and banged the side of her face. ROUND 2, the Knockout!! She really is in the wars here!! Safe to get you to the airport and back home! What made me laugh was as myself and a guy (of a couple who were waiting for a taxi outside) helped her in to sit down, breathe and to see what damage was done, is she shouting through the doors and into reception 'Its all your fault Gavin!' I'd like to point out to the guys in reception at this point that Dad didn't beat her up as there was a black eye coming out already!!

So as she sat down by reception the lady of the couple and a receptionist ran to get some ice and it seemed that more of a bang had happened as nothing was broken. After getting over the shock, with an ice pack and towel around her eye, we head back into the van and move on to Potsdam. Just as we left Dad showed me on a map the point where best to park and the place in which he wanted to visit and to make things easier i just put Potsdam into TomTom and as we both knew the area so we'd just go from there. As we were travelling Dad mentioned that the bus turned left where i turned right for when they saw it originally. I though followed TomTom. Then we headed onto the motorway and at this point Dad was getting confused but myself and Mum knew exactly where we were going. When Dad asked if this was going back towards the Gate that's when it hit us both...we've confused ourselves as to where we're meant to be going!!

So last night and this morning we were talking about where to go today before dropping them off at the airport for 2pm ish and as Dad wanted to visit somewhere once again, with myself and Mum not fussed, we decided to do this. I had a conversation with mum last night that as we were going to Potsdam and the airport she wanted to check if that was too much out of my way but i said Potsdam is East, then the airport is slightly South-West from there and then i'll head back through Berlin to head North. Not exactly but they are not far from each other! So 20 minutes into this journey is where we find we've confused ourselves. Now this is what happened, Dad was talking about going back to Potsdamer Platz where some guy was killed and in both mine and Mum's head we heard Potsdam (er) Place of which saying where someone was killed ain't something to help as there were lots of people killed here. Well to me not being on that tour and only knowing a place called Potsdam that's where we headed too!

So TomTom has been inputted this place and we divert off the motorway and back into Berlin once more! The rain is beating on down now and doesn't seem to be departing anytime soon but we've only got a few hours left so bring out the British stiff upper lip and just get on with it...its only water! Mind you cold water! We parked up and went to the Marlene Dietrich Plaza first as was only down the road and it wasn't quite what i was expecting as i thought they'd be a statue as this is a square named after her but there was only a sign. But the theatre is on this square so its in good company. Marlene Dietrich (can't just say Marlene as it brings the Boycie voice in me!) became a US citizen in 1939 when the war broke out and throughout the Second World War was a high-profile frontline entertainer, even though she was born in a district in Berlin.

Next onto the place in which Dad wanted to see and that was Bendlerblock. This was the headquarters of a resistance group of Wehrmacht officers who carried out the 20th July plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler in 1944. This failed and so the traitors were rounded up and summarily shot in the courtyard in which they conspired, called Operation Valkyrie. So here they have a long concrete block in that very courtyard in which they were executed. It just reminds you that those even close to Hitler wanted to see his downfall as they didn't agree in what he was trying to achieve. On the way back to the van Dad showed me a house, the only one that was left standing down on this street after all of the bombings. That isn't the only reason to see this house but for the bullet holes have never been filled in. This building is covered in them and again reminds you of all of the guns shooting and blood spilling on these very streets....and in the name of, well i'm not exactly sure!

Off to the airport and with the rain still coming on down its best that they get inside and wait for the plane as i'll head off to Lubeck North West of here. Again another airport drop off and this time i was wondering if i could jump on the plane with them and Ellie! But then i remember i've still got the rest of Germany without even being close to getting to Holland and Belgium as yet...still plenty more to see! As it was raining it was a quick goodbye and then headed off to Lubeck as i told my Mum that morning. First though, and as i'm heading back through Berlin, i stopped there at a couple of places as the sun decided to come on out too! Now off to Lubeck...but no, changed my mind already! By the time mum gets home thinking she's thinking i'm in Lubeck but actually i'm in Strasland which is the town before heading over the bridge to the Island of Rugen, nearly 4 hours North of here! Never really stick to a plan.

There's a place to stay here for motorhomes, and this is a town to visit also apparently so i'll see it in the morning. Therefore i rest my head and wait to cross over the bridge with the van to the Island tomorrow. On route to here i did notice one thing...remember those 3 wings that i saw on the motorway, well it all made sense as i was travelling on the open land again. Wind sales for the massive wind machines getting some energy in for us to use, they have 3 and they look exactly the same. Mystery solved!

Oh and Mum's black eye...was a corker of the photo i saw!!

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